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Nurturing the relationship of mind, body, and spirit

Our Story

Northern Rising was created under the mission and working knowledge that when mind, body, and spirit are in alignment, healing can be obtained. We seek this through holistic approaches scientifically proven to heal not only on a physiological level but through our own mental and unique spiritual relationship. Given the right tools, our life force becomes stronger and the pains of this world ease as our internal freedom becomes a reality.   

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A Glimpse into us...

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Schedule an appointment to discuss our services and plans in greater detail. We will block out an hour for you to ask any questions and begin formulating a plan toward tapping into the best version of yourself. 

Life Coaching 

Coaching with Doug

Healing and overcoming is the greatest roller coaster ride you will ever experience . 

price $150 an hour


Service Name 

Therapy Session With Tamara 

I hold the strong belief that people are perfectly imperfect.

$75 to 150

Pricing varies w appointment  duration

A custom plan utilizing multiple services.  

With this Service you can book with both of us

 Price $150- $200

Book an Appointment

You've made it this far!

Book with us today to begin the amazing adventure toward the inner freedom you deserve!

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